"The breeding of purebred dogs is both an art and a science, thus the true breeder is a very artistic genetic engineer. The breeder plans a breeding program in much the same way an architect plans a building or a bridge… Breeders must struggle to produce the picture of perfection for their breed."

                                                                     - Patricia Craige Trotter, Born To Win, Breed To Succeed

RESOUNDING is striving towards the realization of a picture of perfection much more than for wins and statistics. You will rarely see an ad or website photo showing a RESOUNDING Italian Greyhound standing on a table beside a judge who is holding some ribbons. RESOUNDING IGs certainly do their fair share of winning, which is always nice, and occasionally you’ll find mention of a particularly meaningful honor or achievement.

Typically, however, RESOUNDING IGs will be pictured naturally, having fun, doing what they do best and being themselves. Believing that form and function are indeed closely related, RESOUNDING desires to emphasize the connection between beauty and athleticism. RESOUNDING thanks to Glen Hush, Krista Droop, Carol Klucas, Butch McCartney, and Vavra Photography for their excellent photography of these beautiful dogs.

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